Sunday, December 28, 2008

No Progress At All

Ok, so I've had the Wannabez #2 script opened all day long and have not written the first letter yet. Yep, I'm totally being overcome with the holiday laziness. I played computer games, watched some videos, chatted on MySpace, and so on and so forth. :)

I should be taking this time to draw a little bit. I actually did draw some over the holidays. In fact, I created a Christmas card for Scott featuring his favorite DC characters the Doom Patrol. It's not a great piece, but it's okay, and he seemed to like it. I'll post it soon.

Speaking of writing and drawing, I often wonder had I become a southpaw (that's a left-hander for the uninformed) if I wouldn't have been a better artist and had better penmanship. I was supposed to be left-handed in fact. My father, his brother and their father were all left-handed, and I was actually ambedextrious as a child. My first grade teacher forced me to use only my right hand as she told my mother I would be looked down on for being a left-hander later in life. What a crock! I'm still left side dominant. My left arm is stronger and I use it for a lot of things, and I lead off with my left foot when running, and I kick with my left foot in football, soccer, kickball or whatever sport involves kicking. Makes you think, huh?

Ok, my food has arrived, so I'm gonna go eat. Then maybe, just maybe I'll get some of this script written!


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