Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Have a Forum!

That's right, yours truly now has a dedicated, public forum! I had my own forums at one point, but I kept them private and now they are filled with spam and I'm taking them down. But Chuck Moore at has been kind enough to allow me a space on the Comic Related forums!

So, now everything I'm working on has a place for discussion! I'll be posting samples and other stuff there you won't find on my sites or this blog, and I'm inviting you all to come check it all out and strike up a conversation with me!

Just click the title of this post to get to the forum. It's mostly bare right now as I'm working to populate it right now. But soon it will be filled with content for you to peruse and talk about!


1 comment:

Jason B-L/ DragonFUZE said...

I'm there ;) Thanks for giving me another forum to become addicted too - LOL.