Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Day After the Day After

Yep, Christmas is now two days removed and the new year anticipation is setting in. No more light displays or anxious waiting for the blessed Christmas Day to arrive, but rather a dread of a whole new year to contend with now. :)

In all honesty, I'm looking forward to 2009. I LOVE Christmas, and this is my favorite time of the year and I'm always sad to see it go. But I have big hopes for 2009, so there's always that. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I plan on doing a year-ender post soon, so I'll save all that for then.

Yesterday/last night became movie fest. I already talked about watching Fred Clause. Well, last night at 8 we watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. There were a lot of things I liked in the movie, and some things that were kind of odd. The whole alien theme was a little different and a bit of a departure from the other films in the series. It still had the same feel and wit that other Indy films had though, and I liked the cameo the Ark of the Covenant made in the picture. And the near passing of the torch at the end was interesting. All in all, it was a decent flick.

Later in the night I watched Get Smart, which was also a decent flick. Could've been better, but it was ok. I can't imagine anyone doing a better job in that role in modern day than Steve Carrell, but even still he just didn't have Don Adams' classic delivery. Instead he came off a bit stiff. Especially with the classic lines "Would you believe..." and "missed it by that much". But it was still a fun movie.

I'll probably watch another today, though I haven't decided whether it will be Wanted or Hellboy II yet. I didn't get any new video games, so I may finally play Assassin's Creed that I've not played once in the year we've had it. I've watched my brother play it a little, but I never found the time to. Might be a good time to do so.

Speaking of video games, the new Prince of Persia game looks pretty cool, as does Mirror's Edge.

I have to interject something real quick. My buddy Cary's new website went live recently for his Red Handed Studios, the label he's self-publishing his projects through. You can subscribe to his Fallen Justice series, which goes to print in February, or you can buy individual issues. It's a cool site and the books are great. So check it out here:

Speaking of comics, I know I mentioned Stykman recently, but I just have to say again that if you like comedy you've got to check this comic out. After seeing Stykman for the first time I instantly thought of Earthworm Jim, and the similarities don't quite end there. It's a completely different and unique character, but some of the elements are there. Stykman assumes he's this great hero, which is evidenced by his narrative, but the scenes depicted with the narrative are completely contradictory! For instance, at one point in the first issue he says in the narrative that he decided to take to higher ground, while the scene depicts a bad guy throwing him several stories up to crash into a building. It's that combination of clever wit and antics that really make it shine. And the stories are just really unique as well. And I can't forget the art, which is as good as and better than some of any book on the shelves today. Then Stykman has this sidekick named Al, who is an alien. :) The cover to issue three says it all as it depicts Stykman falling with a set of giant Pick Up Sticks colored sticks falling all around him. It's just hilarious. Check it out here:, or in the official forum here.

The tooth is feeling a bit better today, by the way. It still hurts, and the meds seem to be working really slow (namely the Amoxcillin, which is supposed to be taking the infection out), but it is working. Hopefully I'll be able to enjoy New Years without any problems.

The stomach hasn't really bothered me for over a week at least, so that's a good thing.

I'll probably return to some work come Monday for a few days, namely the APA website and Haven work. In the new year I'll resume work on a logo for Visionary, and of course some lettering. I've got a few paid lettering jobs lined up in 09 as well.

By the way, if you had trouble hearing either of the songs I sang, I apologize for that. My webcam is a cheap one, and my mic is a little tiny thing that came with my first computer back in 2002. The quality just isn't that great. If you don't have external speakers you can only barely hear Chestnuts I found, and you can't hear Merry Little Christmas at all. If I post more singing videos I'll wait until I'm able to acquire a better webcam and microphone.

Oh, and anyone trying to call me on my cell, don't. I have no minutes left and no money to buy any right now (it's a prepaid phone), so it just rings low and saws "no airtime in the tank", so I can't even see who's calling. Just call my home phone if you have it, or email me, or message me on one of the social sites I belong to.

Ok, I'm off to do... something... don't know what, but something.


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