Friday, December 26, 2008

Comic Related Christmas Coverage

For those of you who were following, the Christmas content produced for was very entertaining. I got some things together, but it was truly a group effort that brought forth some great and original content to enjoy in our downtime over the holiday. From comics, to art, to special columns and articles, Comic Related really delivered. And here's a link list of everything in case you missed any of it:

Comic Related's Holiday Plans
Related Recap #58: Christmas Edition (Podcast)
Last Moment Gift Idea
Christmas In Four Colors
Eva Ink Artist Group Christmas Wishes
Is It Christmas Yet(i)?
Arcana Holiday Card
Airship 27 Greetings
Spinner Rack Greetings
TV Party: Christmas Edition
Holiday Artwork
Wild Wolf Holiday
Mid-Ohio Holiday Wish
Subculture Holidays
All About The Family (by yours truly)
a.k.a. Christmas
Blue Line Pro Holiday
Christmas Covers Part 1
Christmas Covers Part 2
Christmas Covers Part 3
Everyone Loves Christmas (Ringtail Cafe 7 page comic created in one day)

And there you have it, tons of Christmas goodness for you to enjoy!


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