Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cold and Snowy

We had a winter storm advisory all through the night last night, and sure enough I woke up to an inch or two of snow. Not too bad, and fortunately not as bad as they thought (there were fears it would be like the ice storm of 2003 where many went without power for anywhere from a few hours to a week or two, including us). But at least in my area the power is still on, but it is quite nippy.

The last episode of Heroes until February aired last night, and it was a fun one. Ando finally got a power, Peter seemed to have gotten his back again, and Hiro was rescued from the past. But things look to become grim when it starts back up with the next chapter entitled "Vigilantes". Should be fun.

I just realized I haven't been getting much reading in lately. In fact, I can't remember the last time I really sat down and read. It's been a while. Hopefully once the insanity of the holiday rush is through I'll be able to take some chill time and read a bit without tons of things on my mind.

The tooth, by the way, is much better. It still flares up a bit, but it's calming down. I should be good until I can get into my dentist next year. I also seem to once again be over my cold, at least for the moment. But with the change of weather (it was nearly 60 Sunday, and then today it's 28 with ice and snow) may have something to say about that.

I'm just about caught up on all paid lettering and logo work. I still have to finish up a logo, but everything else is there. I've got some backend stuff I'm still catching up on, but you know. I've also got some writing to do. I've got a few more music bios I need to get done, and I'm waiting on the go ahead for some articles.

I'm staying in good spirits...

My uncle never did make it over to help me with the lights. And aside from the bad weather, he's having hand surgery Thursday, so we definitely won't be putting up lights this year. I should take those clips back and get my $5 back...

I've been thinking a lot lately about people I used to know. Kind of remininscing I guess. I guess that happens at this time of year though. Been thinking about my dad a lot too.

Anyway, this should be a good night to get some writing done. Fringe is done for the season, so I have nothing on TV tonight, and I'm not tired, so it should be productive. The keyword there is "should".

Aside from the articles and the music bios, I've GOT to get Wannabez #2 done. And Jason Moser has been on me about finishing Dowry #1 as well to give him something to work on. So I've still got plenty to do. I really hope I get the go ahead on those articles soon though...

And with that I guess I'm off.


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Ray said...

I thought Heroes was good as well though I am wondering where it is heading with people getting and losing powers all the time.
Reading New Moon, sequel to Twilight, at the moment. Not bad but at this stage nowhere near as good.