Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas at Comic Related

Check out the forum post linked to the title of this post real quick. Go on, it'll only take a minute. I'll be here, ready to continue as soon as you're through...

Okay, now that you're with it, this is a call to all you writers out there (or artists) who may want to contribute to Comic Related for some content. Whether you're a regular contributor or not, just if you want to or have something to add for some Christmas reading then by all means let us know!

If you want to know what site this will be on, check out the main site It's top notch design with tons of great content, and it's updated 365 days a year! I've championed the site enough you should all be familiar with it by now surely. For a while this blog became a commercial for the relaunch of the site, and now I'm just thrilled to be a part of it, and am taking initiative with this Christmas content.

Generally, this would be more a call for writers, but hey, if you're an artist and want to contribute a holiday piece (keep it clean though) for posting with a link to your online gallery that's cool too. Or if you have a webcomic with a holiday strip send us a link and we'll post that too if we get enough of them.

Just whatever you want to do let us know. You can register on the forums and post there, or you can post here, or you can email me (click contact at the top of this blog and use the second email).

And if you don't want to contribute anything, just be sure to check the site out on Christmas for some cool content!


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