Thursday, November 06, 2008

Winding Down... Or Not

While the week may be reaching its end, my schedule is not. However, I have made tremendous headway in the past 24 hours.

Barring any coming edits, I've wrapped the lettering on two projects this morning - one a small one, one a large one.

The first is Spud, a Small Press Idol contender #0 issue I was asked to do recently. It was a very text-heavy 12 pages, though, so it took me longer than normal. But I just sent in the final three pages, so that's one more to add to the completed list.

The second is one of the funnest projects I've worked on, and that is Jeff Mariotte's Zombie Cop for Shadowline (Image)! 96 pages of sequentials followed by 124 pages of prose, all laid out by yours truly. And it was so much fun! They all seemed rather pleased with my work as well, which means the world to me. This is the first book I've worked on for a top four publisher, and the experience was amazing.

Zombie Cop was the biggest current project I've been working on. I have a couple more graphic novels coming up soon, and one 100 pager I'm about half way through, but the rest have been single issues and short stories for the most part lately.

I still have plenty to do, of course. Yesterday I updated my MySpace page with the current list of projects I'm working on, so you can see (if you head over there) what all I've got on my plate. In fact, I may just add that list to the sidebar of this blog as well...

Today I haven't decided what I'll focus on. I know I've GOT to get some work done on these logos I have (about four of them I haven't started on). I also need to do a postcard up for Wannabez to send to retailers through Haven. Aside from that, I'll probably work on Corrective Measures #8 and some more pages that came in that I'm filling in on for a friend, then go from there.

Tomorrow, more of the same, as well as some cleaning house and menial chores like that. Then Saturday it's off to our interview, of course, which should be a lot of fun.

Saturday is also my cousin's birthday, so Happy B-Day, Jay! For the next four and a half months I can make fun of you being older than me! :)

I was watching a bit of some news channel last night where they had relatively young representatives of each party (Republican, Democrat and Independent), and the three were going back and forth arguing with each other about who was doing what right and wrong. The funniest part was the Republican rep. passed McCain's losing off as him and many other "stars" of the party not being true conservatives, and thus not properly representing the GOP. He just made a fool of the entire Republican party with his comments, and the other two were pretty much constantly laughing at him while making points for unity among the parties. Probably the most eloquent and well informed of the three was the Independent rep.

I'll be honest, I am technically registered as a Republican, and I voted for Bush, both times, and his father before that. I don't regret voting for Bush the first term, and I feel he handled that term extremely well with what was put upon his shoulders. The second term, I still think he was a better choice than John Kerry ever would have been, but I'm not happy with his actions in that term.

I also was against Clinton and Dukakis, and I stand by my decisions on those.

However, I don't consider myself a Republican or Democrat, and really wish I was registered as an Independent. I do think the Democratic Party does represent themselves better and as for ALL people where the Republican Party, like many of the religious folk they strongly represent, are very separatist regardless of what they claim. At least that's how they come across, and truly that is why they are losing support.

One fact was noted in this news panel, and that was that Lincoln was Republican, BUT it was at a time when the Republican Party was the liberal side, NOT the conservative side. I thought that was a very interesting note indeed.

Anyway, the buzz this week, naturally, is all about Obama's win and what it means for our country. I'm eager to see what changes he brings, and how fast he brings them. Our economy needs dire help, and needs it fast. If he addresses that in earnest I'll be happy.

The weather here has been great this week! Sunny and warm, but not too hot. It's a nice change from the weeks of cold we've been getting, though I know it won't last. Me, I wish it would stay nice up until Christmas week, then have snowfall for through New Years, then return to that comfortable weather. If only...

Oh! I finished five installments of my new column now, so soon it will be ready to go live! I'll keep you informed.


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