Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What I Got Done - Tuesday

You know, I need not say I'm going to post something, because inevitably something happens to where I can't when I say I will. Like these daily updates. I was fine until I said "yeah, I'll give a daily update on this schedule thing" and then I miss the very next day! Sheesh.

Anyway, I got most everything I intended to done yesterday.

I finished En Garde! pages 1-5 (though I have some changes to make to them now).

I finished the Usen Wareagle Signature (though I have to make changes to it now).

I did the Tainted page 56 correction and page 61 (I updated the schedule post to reflect this - I don't have page 62 in hand yet).

I did Corrective Measures #8 page 13 (the one page of that issue I was waiting on to wrap it - just over inks and I still need the colors to properly wrap the issue - now I have to make a minor correction on that page).

I got a good way into the Ellium #2 rework before getting too tired and crashing. I'll finish that up today.

I did Academy of Heroes #3 pages 14 and 17-22 (pages 15 and 16 are being inked still).

And finally, I made some progress on the Haven cart before it all went to naught.

Basically, between my edits and Lance coming in behind me and doing edits we managed to mess it up really bad, and so it was down for a period last night. So someone else came in and fixed our mess and actually put it in the colors I was trying to with my buttons I created ( then log in with the user/pass combo of guest/guest to see it - the Coldcut logo and colors are finally gone).

So I'm no longer working on the Haven cart. heh.

As you can see, I got a little preoccupied and didn't get a chance to post. Not to mention the fact that the first half of the day I still wasn't feeling well. I got a bit better and had a good night's sleep, and now I'm decently ok for now, so it's all good.

TODAY I will be finishing up the Ellium #2 rework, working on the APA site and maybe finishing up some Haven work. I'll probably shuffle the Visionary logo to tomorrow since I have some of Ellium to do, and I suspect work on the APA site will take some time. But we'll see.


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