Thursday, November 20, 2008

What I Got Done - Thursday

Well, today was, again, not as productive as I had hoped, but I still got some stuff done.

As I mentioned last post, the first half of the day involved some family drama. Then cleaning house became the issue early evening as some furniture is coming in from my uncle tomorrow morning, so we had to get the house in order.

In between those two events, I did manage to work on some logos, as I briefly mentioned last post.

I made great strides in the Visionary logo first draft, so that's a plus.

I also nearly finished the first take on the Wagon Wheel Comics logo. Just have to refine the graphic in it, but I finished enough to show.

I completed the revision of the Usen Wareagle signature, so that's wrapped.

I nearly had a scare with Zombie Cop though. Apparently there was some misunderstanding on my part and I ran the prose two pages too long! They're going to adjust it as such, but I still feel bad about it.

On the plus side, I just discovered that Jeff Mariotte mentioned me in an interview with CBR yesterday when he totally didn't have to. It's just a small mention towards the end, but seeing as how I'm the letterer, and letterers are usually 'invisible' it was nice to get the acknowledgement. So thanks, Jeff!

Let's see, I did some minor Haven work, but not much.

I chatted with a couple of clients about jobs, but did no work on them.

I compiled and sent off the high res files for Genotype Prime to Hard Way Studios.

And that's about it. Not a great deal, but still progress.

Got some more cleaning and redecorating to do tonight, then bed, and back at it again tomorrow!


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