Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weather, Woes and Web Comics

It's really cold outside, but it's been colder. My bedroom, though, doesn't circulate well in the winter and is consistently the coldest in the house. Ironically, the air condition circulates very well in my room making it the coldest in the house all summer as well, even with the vent closed. So I'm always cold in my room. That's doesn't make me happy.

Well, I managed to get the grocery shopping done, even though I had to go to three different places to pick up a couple of specific items. And luckily the hair cut place wasn't busy, so I popped in there on my way home. Unfortunately, they cut it too short, and what was looking good now looks awful and I'm a bit upset about it. I really liked the style I had it in, and now it's too short to do that with. Sigh. I'll know better for Christmas.

I also accidentally broke a trifle dish. Actually, I didn't break it - I was carrying it by the stem and the whole top just fell off! Fortunately, they just sent it to claims and didn't charge me for it.

As for the last part of the title, well, just stay tuned. :)

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.


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