Monday, November 17, 2008

Tentative Schedule for This Week

Ok, I'm looking through the list of things I would like to accomplish this week with next week being a holiday week, and so here is a tentative list of what I hope to complete this week. This list is subject to change, however.

Monday, November 17
En Garde! Pages 1-5
Academy of Heroes #3 Pages 8-13
Usen Wareagle Signature Logo
Some Progress on Haven Cart Redesign

Tuesday, November 18
Ellium #2 Rework (12 Pages)
Academy of Heroes #3 Pages 14, 17-22
Tainted Pages 56 Correction, 61
Corrective Measures #8 Page 13
Haven Cart Work
Special Project

Wednesday, November 19
Atomic Pop Art Site Work
Logo for Visionary Studios
Special Project

Thursday, November 20
Corrective Measures #9 Pages 1-11
Finish Wagon Wheel Comics Logo
Special Project

Friday, November 21
Corrective Measures #9 12-22
Haven Cart and Submissions Work
Special Project

I've left space on most days to add other stuff in as I need to, and I may move stuff around. I'm also expecting some more pages from other projects throughout the week, so I'm leaving the weekend open for that.

Again, this is all subject to change, but this is what I'm hoping to get accomplished at the least.


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