Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Much Love and Respect

Today is Veterans Day and we should all take a moment to honor those who have served, fought, and died for our freedom. So to all of you who have served to defend us, I say thank you!

Yesterday I was asked to be in an independent film. Ultimately I had to turn it down, but it was very flattering to be asked.

The writer of the screenplay is Bill Gladman, a fellow ComicRelated.com contributor going by the name of G-Man on their forums. I had the great pleasure of meeting him and his daughter at Mid-Ohio-Con this year, and he left a lasting impression. Very nice guy and one of the first to buy a copy of Wannabez. And if that wasn't enough, he gave us a glowing review on CR's site!

He had sent me a private message on the forums yesterday asking me if I wanted to be in the movie, then directed me to his latest blog post, which can be read here. The post hints at what part he asked me to play, given my username on the internet.

For those that really know me, if you get a chance to read any of the script excerpts here, you'll understand completely why I had to turn it down. Basically, the film is very akin to Kevin Smith type films, like Mallrats, Clerks, etc., which I'm personally a fan of. But those films, and this one, are filled with a lot of language and mature topics, and I'm just not personally comfortable in doing that with my background and beliefs. I know it's acting, but still.

It would have been a lot of fun, and it would have been a blast working with Bill (which I may yet - I've asked if there are any bit parts), but it is what it is. It should be a good film, though, and one I'll watch.

Yesterday I got half of Corrective Measures #8 done, and a few small things. It was a trying day, though, with some drama on the homefront I won't go into here. Everything's fine, just very distracting is all.

Today I hope to finish that issue, and I've got to do a couple of pages of Zombie Cop to wrap that book up (inside cover and dedications pages).

I've got plenty to keep me busy right now, that's for sure.

Last night's episode of Heroes was pretty good. It was kind of a flashback episode with Hiro in a trance, seeing what unfolded in the past. It took us back to season one and plugged in some pieces that kind of tied a lot of things together. It was pretty interesting and pretty telling, and then the end was a shocker! The next few episodes should be a blast.

I crashed fairly early (for me, anyway) last night at 11, and actually slept all night until about 6 this morning. Then I was so cold and still tired, so I laid there until 8 trying to get back to sleep before finally giving in to the fact I had to start my day. But at least I do feel rested, and I'm getting warmer in my plush robe and a beanie. Hey, it's only 34 degrees outside right now!

My upcoming column is ready to go, I've just got to compile some images for each installment before sending them into Chuck.

And with that, I better stop procrastinating and get to it. Make sure you take a moment of silence for our veterans today!


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