Sunday, November 09, 2008

Long, Wonderful Day

Yesterday was a day to remember as I met a lot of cool people and turned an interview into a day long event.

As you know, Scott and I were interviewed by Chuck Moore of up at Comics2Games, the heart of BlueLinePro and Sketch Magazine. It was about an hour or so drive for Chuck and I, and 20 minutes or so for Scott, so not too bad a drive.

Chuck picked me up a bit after 11am and we headed on our way. We had a nice chat on the way up and it seemed like no time we were there. What was cool was, having never met these people, I was able to just walk down into the basement and sit down at a table with them as they had a meeting. Nicer people on this planet you'll be hard pressed to meet, let me tell ya.

So as I sat there listening to all the plans they have for various things, and listening to stories and such, I learned what Chuck had been telling me for a while, that these guys were a family, not just a comic book store. It was a great atmosphere to be in, and I had an amazing time.

Before we started the interview I got to look around the store and bought a few things. It's a nice setup and very warm and welcoming. People just hang out there, but it's not like a lot of comic stores where no one looks up at you or speaks to you, it was fun.

The interview was a long one, but it was a lot of fun. We had a lot to talk about, and we tried our best to fit everything in. Sorry if I forgot anything or anyone. It'll be up soon, and I'll provide a link.

Afterwards, we got to chat a bit with Darren and Krista Muller and Jackie Hernandez of Ringtail Cafe, and Jackie just started sketching Wannabez characters! And boy is she fast! And very talented at that.

After speaking with them, Bill Love and Bob Hickey, all extremely nice and open people to my impression, Scott and I headed over to Comic Book World that's carrying Wannabez to talk about an upcoming signing. More on that when we have a date and time on the Wannabez blog.

Then we headed to Darren's house where Chuck was at so we could do dinner before heading off back home with Chuck. Aside from comics, Darren is a graphic designer I believe, and he's doing the programming end on Comic Related's relaunch (in 6 days!). We just walked right in and they began showing us all kinds of stuff they're working on, including Ringtail Cafe, Zombie, the Musical, Don't Read This and so much more. They've got so much going on, and so much unique and creative stuff at that, I was so impressed. It was a joy to meet them and spend a little time with them.

Afterwards, Scott, Chuck and I headed to dinner at Applebee's, but it was too crowded, so we walked over to Cracker Barrel. We had a decent dinner and a nice long chat, then we were off. Amazingly, we still had stuff to talk about as Chuck and I chatted all the way home.

It was a wonderful day, and a better spent Saturday I hadn't had in a long while.

Here's Chuck's take on the day: Saturday in Florence


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