Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Monday Again

I got up around 6 today and have been working ever since. Had some corrections to make on Zombie Cop again, then had to compile some pages to send via CD to Jeff. I also had to resize some pages for ECA.

After that I took a few minutes to get acclimated to and proceeded to add Stumble buttons to this blog, the Wannabez blog and

There's a thread on talking about stumbling, so I finally jumped on the bandwagon. Hopefully it'll bring some traffic to my other sites, and hopefully there's no rule about talking about it!

I forgot to add a button to the Wannabez main site, so I'll have to do that as well I guess.

I've also applied to Project Wonderful for this site and, as a publisher, so I'm still waiting to hear if I qualify or not. Hopefully soon you'll see some PW ad spaces pop up here and there. :)

Heroes is back on tonight, so I'm looking forward to that!

As for today, I haven't really planned out what I'm working on yet. I know I need to compile Lightning Squirrel #2 for Ka-Blam (which means resizing and adding in some ads, then zipping it all up), but that shouldn't take too long. I've got more Tainted pages and a page or two more of Genotype Prime I can work on.

I'll probably try to dive into Corrective Measures #8 though as it's been a couple of weeks longer than I wanted to get to it. Then if I have time maybe work on those pesky logos!

Good problems, good problems.

There are other things I'd love to talk about, but I don't want to speak too soon. I tend to express desires to do this and that and then time and other projects take precedence, and you never hear about them again. So I think I'll kind of stay mum on plans for a while until there's really something solid to discuss on the various topics.

Well, I hope wherever you are it's nice and warm because it's cold and dreary here in the Bluegrass today!



Brant W. Fowler said...

Well, it looks like I did the links on the blogs wrong, because while the buttons are there, the links don't work! Works fine on the Gonzogoose site. Sigh. I'll figure it out later.

Ray said...

Mate, in regard to the comment you left - it is a person I know. i kind of get the feeling you think I was referring to you. It's not you though I find you interesting!