Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gathering Supplies

Yep, I'm braving the cold (30 degrees at the moment) to head up the street to Kroger to purchase Thanksgiving and home groceries on a Saturday no less. We're making a few things for the family holiday, and we have no food at home, so off I go.

I was going to try to get my hair cut today as well, but as late as it is on a Saturday I doubt that's going to happen without spending the whole afternoon waiting. So I'll probably take care of that Monday morning and hope it grows out enough to be manageable for Thanksgiving.

Didn't get a whole lot done yesterday, hence the lack of update post concerning that. Family was here most of the day, and I just got sidetracked a lot. Today other matters have taken precedence, but tonight and tomorrow I'll most likely be home alone, so I'm going to take advantage of that and get to work.

I did lay out Corrective Measures #9, which I finally received yesterday, and did some more work on logos and a little bit on Haven. This weekend I've got some music artist descriptions to write on top of all the other stuff (Haven, lettering, APA site) I'm gradually working on.

Well, I'm about to enter the insanity. Say a prayer for me, this is the main grocery people here go to besides Walmart, so it will most likely be packed.

Hey, maybe I'll finally run into Chuck Moore! You never know.


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