Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Few Notes About the Blog

You may have noticed some slight clean up has begun. I mentioned several posts ago that I'm not really happy with the current layout of the blog, but time is not on my side to totally revamp it right now. So I thought I'd clean it up a tad just to clean out the clutter.

I completely removed the Gonzogoose Wireless and PowerMall stuff because, frankly, they've not brought me 1 cent. Granted, I haven't pushed them hard, but still.

I finally got the video preview box at the very bottom to change where it's not always Spider-Man. I think I had it set where I had to choose the films, which I never got around to. Now it's on current releases within specified genres.

I moved the PW buttons down just a bit and added a larger PW ad where they were, though as you can see, it hasn't been put to use just yet.

I removed the dead column links and will replace them with accurate links as soon as I can. With one site gone and the other deleting my column, I have to republish them all on my own server, and I think I'll just wait until I have the site redesigned to do that. And there is no centralized link for my new column just yet, so that will have to wait as well.

For all you ambitious Christmas shoppers out there, I've added my wish list to the sidebar as well, just for the fun of it really.

And finally, I took off the Amazon search box because nobody was using it.

So there you go, a few unobtrusive (hopefully) minor changes, hope you all don't mind.

More to come in time.


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