Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Change is... Stalled

Seems as though the Comic Related relaunch is taking just a wee bit longer than anticipated as they've hit a few stumbles here and there. But they are looking to get it up, at least in part, by midnight. It will be an ongoing relaunch, but it should still begin to go live today technically. And that's East Coast time, so all you West-Coasters should see it up by 9!

I've been glued to the Twitter feed anticipating the launch. Change is always exciting, and this one's a big one.

Speaking of change, I wonder if Brock Lesnar will be able to wrest the UFC Heavyweight title from The Natural, Randy Couture tonight? It's only Brock's, what, fourth professional MMA fight?! But Brock is a monster and he dominated all three of his previous bouts even though he got caught in his first UFC fight by his inexperience and excitement. He should have won that fight too. But Randy's a veteran of the Octagon and it should be a great fight. Wish I was watching it.

And moving on with the theme of change, I've added a Twitter feed to the sidebar. I've only got it set to show my latest update so as not to be too intrusive. And it blends in with the rest of the sidebar content, so hopefully it's not too much for you all.

I'm really going to change things up as I mentioned on the blog as soon as I have some free time to do so. I'm not really digging the way it's laid out, and there are a few things I want to get rid of.

Change is in the air, and I like it!


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