Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Busy Day!

Well, if you wondered why I was so quiet today after several posts over the last few days, simply put, I was really busy!

Today I finished up the additional Zombie Cop pages I mentioned (title page, back cover and dedications page).

I also finished the second half of Corrective Measures #8.

I did two pages of Genotype Prime #1 and 5 pages of Tainted.

And I re-did two pages of Spud with revised text.

Not to mention I compiled the Haven newsletter today, which took about an hour and 45 minutes total.

I also did a few small things here and there to round everything out. So as you can see, it was a pretty full day. Especially since Spud had a LOT of text, which was very challenging. And I still have to make one more change to that and a page of Tainted. And I believe 2-3 more pages of Tainted hit my email today as well.

The week will continue to be busy, naturally, but this is a good thing.

Pretty soon you'll see Project Wonderful ad boxes popping up here on the blog as I got approved as a publisher today! I've also applied for, so hopefully that one will get approved as well.

Comic Related relaunches in three days! It's exciting. I promise you'll love the new design!

And Top Chef debuted tonight, but I missed it, so I'm about to catch the replay in four minutes. So I bid you adieu.


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