Thursday, November 13, 2008

800th Post!

Yep, that's right, this is my 800th post. Man, it's been a long, pleasant ride here so far.

Well, I just wanted to pop in before Supernatural came on and kill some time. I missed half of Smallville, so I figured I'd catch it online or something.

I'm kind of bummed that My Own Worst Enemy got canceled, but not totally bummed. It was an okay show and it gave me something to do after Heroes on Mondays. Not nearly as good as Journeyman, which also followed Heroes before it got canceled. I'm starting to get the feeling that time slot just isn't good, because Journeyman was a really good show.

Speaking of watching things, I've found myself watching cartooning videos on YouTube lately. I used to watch that Blitz on Cartooning when I was 15, and I loved that stuff. I wanted to be a comic strip artist for a long time. But lately I've been getting the itch, especially with the growth of webcomics. So I figured I'd check some out and maybe start doodling around again. Who knows what will come of that.

I do need to start making use of this drawing table and all these Blue Line Pro art supplies I have lying around. One of these days...

Are you keeping an eye on Comic Related? I know I sound like a broken record, but I'm just really excited about the pending relaunch. It all begins at midnight tomorrow night as the transition starts taking place. The forums are going to go down for a while as they're actually moving to a new web host as well, so there will be some minimum downtime. But it will be worth it. Then the new site and forums will go up sometime Saturday and it will be a beautiful thing! You can see a tiny sneak peek in the right sidebar on the site now of what the new site will look like. It's right below the "2 Days" tag (well, it says 2 days now. Tomorrow it will be 1 day).

Well, Supernatural comes on in just a few minutes, so I'm gonna jet. Later!


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