Wednesday, October 15, 2008


There I go slipping on posts again! Sorry, all my faithful!

And once again, I have to thank everyone for continually reading the blog. Numbers spiked once again this past week to the highest number of hits I've had... ever! So thanks!

Numbers also spiked on the Wannabez blog, which is so cool!

Speaking of Wannabez, it got a glowing review on!

And while I'm at it, we'll be having a couple of interviews and other cool stuff to announce on the Wannabez blog right after I post this. So check it out when you get a chance.

I've just been super busy this past week with lettering and work for Haven. The Haven work I was doing is all caught up now, and lettering is getting there. Zombie Cop is well on track and may actually be ready in January instead of February now!

Ellium and Corrective Measures is what I'm mainly working on this week as I'm a bit behind on both of those. Then Tainted and Genotype Prime are on my agenda. I also have to squeeze in a logo or two in there somewhere. These are good problems though. ")

This Saturday Scott will be nearby, so we're going to have dinner. He and his dad will be attending a Star Wars Collectors Fall Festival in Lexington, so we'll be hitting Olive Garden afterward since it's close to where he'll be.

I wanted to hit the first Screaming Tiki Con this weekend simply because Adam West and others from the Batman TV show are going to be there. They'll even have the Batcopter and Batcycle! But alas, I just can't. Mid-Ohio kind of tapped me out.

I also won't be going to Wizard World Texas this year unfortunately, but it's all good. Scott and I are considering several cons next year.

At the end of this month I may be going to Illinois to visit family. My mom is for sure, as it's a special time of year for my aunt in East Peoria. I can't remember, it's either her birthday or her anniversary (one relative has a b-day then, one has an anniversary, and I can never remember which is which). Plus, although I'm not big on Halloween, my cousin's husband is decorating their house up really nice and they want everyone to see it. Their house has been in the local paper there for years for their Christmas decorations (and I'm thinking I've already posted about this now), so they're trying their hand at Halloween this year. Should be fun.

It all depends on if it conflicts with another engagement on my part that weekend, but we'll see. Well, it also depends on money and how much work I have to do, but again, we'll see.

I'm going to try to start going to the gym again as I could stand to lose a few pounds and get back in shape. It's hard to do when all day long you sit in front of a computer! I'd like to get down and in decent shape by the holidays so I don't wind up making it worse with all that holiday eating! Thanksgiving is a big deal with my family, and my family can cook! Christmas is a big deal too, but not so much food wise. We usually do Subway or something (in bulk) and have a couple of desserts for Christmas, but Thanksgiving everything goes. A HUGE spread of appetizers, entrees, side dishes and desserts! And I've actually missed the past couple of Thanksgivings with the family, so this one will be one to remember. :)

And with that I've got to get back to work... before I end up taking a snack break! All this food talk has me salivating!


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