Friday, October 17, 2008

Runnin' and Gunnin'

This week has been a monster! I'll be glad to see it end and send me into a new one.

Last night I had a gallbladder attack and was up half the night. I finally was able to get a little comfortable in the tub. It's passed now, but some of the residual discomfort is still there. So no food for a while today. One of these days I'll have the money to get that surgery...

I've got two issues of Corrective Measures prepped and started (I have all the text laid out on all the pages... just have to shape it and put balloons around it). So progress is good there.

Ellium is also on track, so it's all good.

Today I had to chase down the mailman to give him some packages to pick up. I missed him at my house because he came about an hour and a half earlier than he has all week, so I hopped in the car and drove down two streets to find him. I don't know where the post office is here (never been to the one here), and even if I could find a drop off mailbox (I hate this small town), one of the packages I had was too big to fit in it. He wasn't sure if he could take it, though, so it may wind up being back at my doorstep tomorrow.

Speaking of mailing, I made three trips out to the stores picking up mailing supplies over the past couple of days. I kept forgetting something or getting the wrong thing. I still wound up with labels too small (I was using, which I don't recommend unless you have the money to purchase a scale and their custom label sheets - those sizes are hard to find unless you buy them in bulk at like an Office Depot or something).

I've been looking into graphic design schools here and nearby (well, relatively nearby, in Cincinnati and Atlanta, which aren't too far from me). I haven't looked into online yet, but I will. I haven't discovered the costs on any of these yet, so they may not even be an option. We'll see. I still owe a huge student loan, so I don't even know if I could get another, or a grant, or whatever.

The weather's starting to change here finally. Today it's in the upper 50s. It's been in the 70s and 80s up until yesterday when we got a few drizzles of rain, then it got a bit colder. Whether it will stay like that who knows?

Well, now I just found out I have to go pick up some clothes for my brother at my aunt's house (our dryer's busted) right this minute, so I have to cut this short. Don't feel like moving from this spot right now, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right?



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