Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Back from Mid-Ohio-Con!

One long, but enjoyable weekend later and I'm back home! Soon I'll have a post on the Wannabez blog about our experience as 'team Wannabez' at the con, but this is just about me, me, me and my experience at the con.

Despite some running around prior to leaving for the con, which left me a bit tired before I even took off, I had a wonderful time. The Columbus Convention Center is HUGE! The hotel was nice also, but honestly, aside from the convenience and the service, the rooms weren't as nice as say a Holiday Inn or Comfort Inn to be perfectly honest.

But we're talking about the show, which was pretty cool. There were some cool guests, both in comics and other media in attendance, and we joked about how cool it was that Jason Mewes was just seen walking the aisles from time to time like a regular convention goer. Scott and I also had the pleasure of sitting in between Sean McKeever and Alan Davis (for a day anyway - they moved Alan to another location Sunday, probably because his line NEVER died down all weekend, and it was blocking the aisles in his previous spot)! Alan was too busy most of the time sketching to chat, but seemed very nice and down to earth. And Sean was just too cool, chatting it up with us all weekend long.

I got to meet David Mack for the first time, who was super generous and gave me and Scott some signed books. I met Joe Kubert as well, which was a huge honor for me as I nearly enrolled in his school in New Jersey several years ago. I was an aspiring artist, but it was a huge move, and my brother was still young, so I wasn't too sure about it. I still think about it from time to time. Who knows, maybe I'll still go someday.

But anyway, Mr. Kubert is one of the nicest, most humble guys I've ever met in my life. He was so cool and didn't seem to think of himself as any kind of legend or superstar, or anything like that.

Bob McCleod was also very nice, as was Josh Medors, who signed a print and a book I picked up for my brother.

I finally got to meet Sean Forney, who I've talked to on and off for years now. He's sort of local living close to the Ohio/Kentucky border, and I once hired him for some work, but, long story short, it didn't work out. He's a super friendly and very talented guy, and it was cool to finally see him and talk to him a couple of times. I'm sure I'll see him again as the guy manages to make it to tons of conventions every year.

I finally met Nate Lovett and Jeremy Dale, both of whom I've seen on various messageboards, and they were both cool people. And I got to meet several of the Comic Related staff, who are all very pleasant, very genuine people that I would love to hang out with and get to know. Oh, and I finally met Jon from Wicket and Imp (a former Small Press Idol contender the year I was lettering Kansas Hit and Warbreed). Jon's a cool, funny guy and a talented artist.

Scott and I did some interviews (there will be a list of coverage we got on the WBZ blog soon) and sold some books, made some connections, and got to hang out. I got to see Chuck Kennedy and Chuck Moore again, and that's always cool. I got to meet Chuck Kennedy's brother-in-law, who also seems to be a cool guy. Zach and I had our pictures taken in the Batmobile (from the TV show), and Zach got to meet Jason Mewes.

So all in all it was a successful trip. I had some fun. On the way home I was kind of tired as I had been up since 4:30 that morning (couldn't sleep but three to four hours) and had to drive 3 hours home. So we pulled over and got something to eat, which woke me up a little. But I didn't want to leave it to chance, so I bought my first Monster (a coffee drink - I don't drink coffee or cappucino, and this is like a super one). That woke me up alright, and had me talking a mile a minute, then much later on fidgeting. But I didn't get sleepy anymore until I got home. Once I sat down and relaxed, though, I crashed. Fell asleep on the couch downstairs with all my clothes on including jacket and hat. The only thing I had taken off were my shoes because every toe had a blister on it. In fact, one pinky toe had a blister on top of a blister! It still hurts to walk.

This morning we all overslept until 10am. :)

Like I said, it was a fruitful and fun weekend, and I don't regret going overall. Didn't sell any of the books I lettered though, but then Wannabez selling was more important, and for a first outing I think we did alright.


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