Wednesday, October 08, 2008

All Things Wannabez

With the con a modest success Scott and I are excited about Wannabez and will be updating the site and blog much more frequently than the past several months. So please continue to check it out periodically.

Recently we've posted pics from the con as mentioned in the last post, a picture of the WBZ t-shirt in all its glory, and an announcement of a pending letters page in the next issue that we need, yep, letters for!

Scott updated his bio on the site as well, and soon we'll have links to interviews and pictures, and we'll be posting a 2009 convention appearance list in the coming months. Plus there will be updates to the store and much more. So we have a lot going on that you should check out!

I appreciate all the support on this blog. The numbers keep on spiking from week to week, the last one being over 400 unique visitors, which is just awesome! Thanks for checking it out and please continue to do so. And please check out the Wannabez site and blog as well!


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