Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well, it took me longer than the last one (mainly due to time constraints), but I finished Forgotten Realms: Exile a couple of days ago.

I have to say I wasn't as impressed with this installment as I was with Homeland. It just didn't compel me like Homeland did. It was a good read, don't get me wrong, and it covered a lot of ground. But it didn't hold my interest as well because the plot wasn't nearly as complex, nor were the characters nearly as entertaining, which is odd since most were the same characters from the previous novel.

In Exile, Drizzt has left his homeland to live in the wild of the Underdark, fending for himself, all alone, and has become a vicious hunter because of it. He's nearly lost himself until he chances upon an unusual friend in the bitter enemy of the Drow, the Svirneblin (deep gnomes). Meanwhile, his family, who have fallen out of favor with their deity because of Drizzt have sent an undead warrior to track and kill the wayward son.

So the plot is interesting, and it does take the series in a natural progression from Homeland, but Homeland was a more personal story in my opinion, which made it more entertaining. In Exile, we do get to see Drizzt battle with his inner demons and come face-to-face with his worst fear. We also see him grow from that young Drow in Homeland, to the warrior, and then beyond, putting him on the path to what he was to become in Crystal Shard. So it does lend to the flow of Drizzt's history, and flows in the progression of the story. It just doesn't deliver quite as well as it could have in my humble opinion.

Next up is Sojourn, where Drizzt, and his mystical panther friend, finally travel to the surface to escape his past and never return. Seeing how the bulk of Drizzt's trials, and the very first introduction to the character (in Crystal Shard) came on the surface, I'm eager to see where this book takes the dark elf.

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