Sunday, August 03, 2008

Read Final Shadows #1 For FREE!

Final Shadows #1 from Alterna Comics and Hard Way Studios (lettered by yours truly) is now available on Wowio for free! So go read it by clicking the title of this post!

If you're not aware of the recent changes/relaunch of, it now costs $.99 to download an issue, but you can read it online for free.

From the Wowio page, here's the description of the book:

When evil is done to someone we care about, the dark desire for revenge consumes us. We are driven to balance the scales with their wicked blood. The Shadows are an elite band of mercenaries that go from routine to ruin. As blood is spilled on a botched mission, the three surviving members - the Final Shadows, seek to right the unforgivable wrong. The path to payback will be fought by having to deal with survivors guilt, rage, and heartbreak. But will the shocking secret behind the death of a dozen brothers-in-arms break them, or will blind rage send them to their dead brothers? Will they seek justice or vengeance, and will it be worth it?

So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!


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