Saturday, August 16, 2008

Don't Know What to Call It

I couldn't think of a clever title, so that's what you get.

Thanks for all the concern about my tooth. It was so swollen they could only give me meds, so I go back on the 19th to have it worked on. The meds have kept it at bay, thankfully.

In a couple of weeks the family might go away for a day or two to some lake. I guess that would be around Labor Day. Makes sense.

Not that I get a chance to visit too many anymore (mainly Digital Webbing), but forums are getting on my nerves these days. Every discussion somehow turns into an argument at some point, or people just insult other people all the time. It just gets old. There's no true conversation, just a bunch of jockeying and posturing, and it frustrates me.

Lettering work has been very progressive the past couple of weeks. I finished M-Theory #2 (though I'm waiting for four pages to be colored to apply the letters to really wrap it up) and Shadowline is pleased. I've also completed several other projects and made headway on others. So all the work has been fruitful.

I have some gigs and some potential gigs coming up next month, so I'm looking forward to those.

I won't be going to Baltimore. I thought I might, but I won't. The next one for me will be Mid-Ohio, and I'm kind of sad about it. My cousin's wedding is the same weekend in Illinois, and my mother got mixed up and told her and her parents I was going to be there and they got all excited. Now I feel doubly bad for having to miss it as I really wanted to be there. But what are you gonna do?

WW Texas is still an option and one I'm hoping to make mainly to meet and hang with Cary, and to meet some more of the Ronin Studio folks that will be there. We'll see how that all plays out.

I've been writing letters back and forth with a former Sunday School student of mine who is in Basic Training in Oklahoma. I think of him as a little brother, and he of me as a big brother. I hadn't seen or spoke to him in a couple of years before hearing he was in BT. We're planning on hooking up and hanging out when he gets home, so that should be cool.

My brother got all his curls cut off! His hair's so short in comparison it's wild. As soon as I can, I'll get a picture of him and post it up. He just got tired of fooling with it, and having to comb all the tangles out every day. He also wanted a change, and man, did he get one! He looks great, though, everyone thinks so. The salon he went to were going gaga over cutting his hair, and loved the result afterwards. Plus my brother, who was a little scared, loved it.

I finished the The Crystal Shard finally. Pretty good book. So good, in fact, that I'm now reading Homeland and Streams of Silver. Homeland is the first book in the prequel trilogy that precedes The Crystal Shard, and Streams of Silver is the next book after The Crystal Shard. Both are good so far.

I am so bored today. I have plenty more work to do today, but where I've been working so hard the past couple of weeks, and it being Saturday, I just don't feel like doing it. I probably will because I have no life and nothing else to do (save watching TV, which I only do when there's actually something on, which is not often in the summer).

Speaking of TV, if there was one reality/game show I'd want to be on it would be The Mole. I was so thrilled when they brought it back (it just ended this past Monday) as it was one of my favorites. I'd love to be on that show. It just looks so fun, and I love mystery and games like that. So much better than the Amazing Race for my tastes.

WWE Summerslam is tomorrow, but I won't be getting it. Only one or two of the matches sound appealing, and then not that much.

I've seriously been considering writing a book, a novel, lately. I've started a couple before, but never finished them. It would most likely be a fantasy novel because that's what I most enjoy reading. I've also been thinking again about doing a children's book, but the ideas aren't really flowing. I just so want to take my writing seriously again, and let it be the focus. It's just hard because it's lettering and logo design that pays the bills. The only writing I've ever been paid to do is like article writing and press releases, which is not the kind of writing I really want to do in the long run.

If (when) I ever become wealthy I'm hiring a maid! I hate cleaning. I cleaned my bathroom a few days ago and hated every second. I used to clean my church every week and didn't care for that either, though surprisingly, it was more tolerable than cleaning at home.

I have not caught any of the Olympics. I missed the only events I was interested in, so the rest is just a waste. But I was talking to my mom the other day remembering how when I was a kid the Olympics were so much more of a big deal. They were on the whole summer and took over all of the local stations. This year, I didn't see any commercials for them until right before, and then they only take up one local channel and a couple of cable channels late at night. It's just not the spectacle I remember it being.

I've not been eating healthy lately, and I've been paying for it with my gallbladder. It's mainly been -just buy something quick and cheap- which, whether fast food or grocery, isn't usually very good for me. I've been getting braver, eating peppers and stuff, and it hasn't sat well with me. I'm just so sick of bland food. Plus I'm pretty picky, and of what I'm supposed to eat there isn't much that I could even tolerate. I so hate this.

I hate routines and ruts, and I seem to be in them now. I need to get out more. haha

Well, now I'm running out of things to rant about, so I guess I'll go find something else to occupy (read "waste") my time today. :)


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dragonfuze said...

Good to get a snapshot of where you are at... Get writing on your novel!! I have a novel that I finished, but its 1000 pages long and most of it is crap!! Hahaha.

I started working on a Tikki's Phayrie short story.