Friday, June 06, 2008

Today in the Life Of...

My cable was cut off early today thanks to some lack of communication and stuff. We obviously got it back on, or I wouldn't be typing this right now. But it put me behind in contacting everyone today, though I still managed to get some correspondence out.

Michael Kasinger, one of the artists I was going to work with for the CBC had to drop out due to his workload. But that's cool because the story I came up with for him is a really good one, I think, and without that push I might have never come up with it.

I haven't heard back from Jason Moser yet, so at this late stage (with just over a week to go) I doubt that one will happen either.

On the other hand, the one Scott and I are working on may just happen. And even if it doesn't we are still going to work on it as I mentioned before I believe.

Still waiting to hear about that potential job. I thought for certain I would have heard something by now, but nada. I've got a couple of other leads, so I hope they hurry up before I take something else!

One venture I was very excited about is now not going to happen. My partner had some doubts due to recent events, and her points were valid. I'm saddened by it, honestly, but I understand and all is good. It just wasn't meant to happen I suppose.

I finished up a small writing gig today and got another one, slightly larger, so that was cool.

I was adding up numbers for Wizard World Chicago, and it's going to take some doing for me to be able to make it this year. I have two options, one going for the whole four days, and one going just on the weekend. The latter is the cheaper of the two options, but it's a bit more of a hassle with all the logistics. So we'll just have to see how things go. I might not be able to do either.

I found - or rather they found me - a local music group that sounds pretty cool. It's hip-hop/r&b, but it's two white boys from Kentucky! Needless to say, I was surprised how good they sounded. I'll get a link and give them their own post here soon.

I reconnected with a friend last night via telephone and chatted for about 30 minutes, which was cool. We used to hang out all the time, but haven't for three or four years now.

The past two or three days I've not felt well, and I've just been sluggish and not very motivated. I've pushed through it and made quite the progress on things by and large, but I just haven't felt myself. I don't know what it is. Well, the not feeling good I know what it is, but not the other. I'm just frustrated with a lot of things this week, and the unknown in a lot of areas is probably the biggest culprit. So all of that has just got me out of sorts I guess. I'll bounce back, though. I always do, glory be to God.

And I suppose that's it. It's almost 2am, I'm tired but not sleepy, and though I have a ton to do, I'm bored and restless out of my mind! lol. So I think I'll try to lay down and watch a bit of TV and try to doze off if I can. More soon.



Ray said...

Hey man hope you are feeling better.
I've just started watching Friday night Lights to see if I like it...I'm loving October Road though, can't believe it got cancelled.

Brant W. Fowler said...

Thanks, Ray, I am.

I love FNL, and I'm not into football at all. But that show is just done really well IMO. And I really enjoyed October Road too, and I can't believe it either. It didn't have the greatest time slot in the world either though, so that probably played into it.