Thursday, June 12, 2008

Doors and Windows

Well, I finally heard back from that potential employer I've been hinting at for a while now. They are putting the new proposal I mentioned on hold right now. Apparently, con season is slamming them, understandably, and they are restructuring a bit. So they'll contact me who knows when about the new job, but I gathered it wouldn't be anytime soon.

The company is Tales of Wonder, and they are an online graphic novel and statue retailer. They're one of Marvel's top 10 online sellers, and they offered me a pretty good starting salary with some perks to be their marketing and con guy. There were some issues with the con stuff, an aspect I wasn't particularly crazy about, but more than willing to do, but they decided ultimately that I was a better fit for another position they had in mind.

Unfortunately, I have no idea when I'll actually hear about that new position, and thus I have to move on for now. I will certainly entertain it when it does come across my virtual desk, but for now I have to entertain and seek out other offers and opportunities.

Lately I have been picking up some small freelance writing gigs though. Mostly SEO keyword articles and blog posts and the like. I'm decent at it, and it's fun, and the pay's a nice side income. So that's working well so far.

I also did sell all those comics I listed over a couple of posts recently. Every last one of them and a few more are gone, gone, gone, in the mail today. So that was a welcome surprise!

Wizard World Chicago is looking better as a possibility. There are still just a couple of things I need to work out before I can commit to it, but I'm hoping I'll be able to make a decision by early next week if things pan out. I'd love to go as I know (in the online sense) a LOT of people who will be there, and it will be really cool to meet them all.

I had to go to the dentist twice this week due to some complications, but it's all good now. On a bad note, though, it did set me behind schedule on some things, so tonight and tomorrow, and throughout the weekend is going to be pret-ty busy indeed.

Incredible Hulk comes out tomorrow! TOMORROW! Yeah, I know, the first one was a borefest, but what I hear from people who saw an advanced screening is that this one is SO much better. And Tony Stark from Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.) makes an appearance, and it's rumored that Captain America does as well. We saw Cap's shield in Iron Man, so it'll be fun to see where the pop in the Cap appearance. And if I can make it to the theater in any way this weekend I am definitely going to go see this. Have my soda and junior mints waiting for me, usher!


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Ray said...

I'm off to see the Hulk next week. If you want a borefest go see The Happening.