Saturday, June 07, 2008

Books for Sale

I have been trying since before the holidays to set up an online store to get rid of some of my old, unwanted comics, but time just hasn't been on my side. You can see the store, which contains 116 comics, 2 books and 1 DVD, by clicking the title of this post.

If you are interested in any of those books you can try ordering through the store, but it has NOT been tested yet, so you may be better off contacting me directly.

You'll notice that store still has a holiday theme and holiday sale message, neither of which are very accurate anymore, save the "Everything Must Go" part because I simply need to get rid of them.

Another reason I'm selling all this stuff is to help with recent dental bills and with making it to Wizard World Chicago. So if you want to help me out in that regard then cool

I prefer Paypal as a payment method, and I am Paypal verified. My Paypal email is,

In addition to the items listed in the store I am listing a bunch of others below. I'll be adding more to that as soon as I can sort them out. I have a whole other long box set to go I think.

Also, Mysterious Visions #5 featuring Wannabez #0 is still on sale, and if you want a copy contact me at and I'll hook you up! We're selling those for $3.95 apiece.

Now, onto the additional list (all books in near mint unless otherwise noted):

1602 #1-8 (Neil Gaiman - Marvel)
Amazing Spider-Man #252 (no bar code - came with a toy I think - fair)
Amazing Spider-Man #326 (no bar code - fair)
Amazing Spider-Man #366 (no bar code - fair)
Amazing Spider-Man #367 (no bar code - a little worn)
Amazing Spider-Man #437 (no bar code - came with a toy I think)
Avengers #269 (worn)
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #2 (first series)
Avengers Log #1
Avengers Strikefile #1
Beyond #3, 5
Deathlok #5 (fair)
Daredevil #236 (no bar code - fair)
Daredevil #290
Daredevil #293-294, 296-297, 299
Daredevil Annual #8 (1999 - The System Bytes Part 2)
Darkhawk #27
Dr. Strange #41 (featuring Wolverine - no bar code)
Docter Strange & Ghost Rider #1
Excalibur #42, 45
Fantastic Four #298 (worn)
Fantastic Four #374
Gambit #4
Generation X #5
Ghost Rider #16-17
Guardians of the Galaxy #20, 27
Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1 (1991 - The Korvac Quest Part 4)
Iceman #1 (of 4)
Iron Fist #3 (2004)
Iron Man #288 (embossed cover - 48 page anniversary issue)
Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #19
Power Pachyderms #1 (fair)
Samurai Cat #3 (Epic - fair)
$ell$ #1 (Marvel - Fred Hembeck)
Slapstick #2
What The?! #1, 6, 11 (fair)
Paradise X (Wizard sketchbook)
X-Men the Ultra Collection #4 (pinups)
The A-Team #1 (worn)
Bill & Ted's Excellent Comics #1
Conan the Barbarian #85 (worn)
Pirates of Dark Water #2-3
Double Dragon #1-4, 6
G. I. Joe #73, 94, 97, 106, 113-114, 118 (Marvel)
G.I. Joe: Special Missions #16 (Marvel)
Groo #23 (worn)
Police Academy #6 (worn)
Ren & Stimpy #6 (w/Spider-Man)
Robocop #3-4
Tales of G. I. Joe #9 (Marvel)
Tarzan #10 (worn)
The Toxic Avenger #1-3
Toxic Crusaders #1
Ultimate Six #6
Zorro #1-8 (Marvel)

Email me an offer for anything here or in the store at I prefer a minimum of $10 per order to save on shipping costs.

I know there aren't any big exclusive goodies here, but maybe there will be a few you like or need to complete your collection or whatever.



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