Friday, May 30, 2008

Popular Music

Notice I say "popular" and not "pop" because that's what it originally stood for. Well, that and "bubblegum", but that's a different story.

Anyway, I've found myself enjoying a wide plethora of music from various genres of late, but most do tend to lean towards top 40 style songs. It's just what I like. Artists like Ne-Yo, Elliot Yamin, Alicia Keyes, Maroon 5, Colbie Callat, and Mandy Moore. I admit I'm a little behind on what's hot right now and all that, and I rarely get a chance to blast music to be honest, but this is the kind of stuff I enjoy when I do.

I've always been more keen on R&B, soulful sounds more than anything, but I've been known to like a little rock, a little alternative, and of course, Pop. As for heavy metal, not at all. As for gang banging rap, not really (though I do like some rap). As for country, very little (like Carrie Underwood, Leanne Rhymes, and some Garth Brooks maybe, but not much else).

Anyway, I just thought I'd share. I was listening to some videos as I lettered today and was enjoying actually hearing music for a change that wasn't on American Idol or whatever. lol

Speaking of, while I liked several songs David Cook did, I was really pulling for "Archie" to win it. I just love that kid's voice.

Check out this clip of my original song. :) I tried to upload it to YouTube, but it doesn't like me right now. So this will have to do:

Original Song Clip #1

Don't make fun...



Ray said...

Brant you sing pretty well mate!
It was also great to get an idea of what you look like1
Have a good one....

Brant W. Fowler said...

Heh, thanks, man! Yep, that'sa me. I needed a shave, but yep. :)