Monday, May 19, 2008

I'll Be At Mid-Ohio-Con!

Well, it's official, sort of. I am listed on the guest list of, so come visit me the first weekend of October!

Scott and I had signed up for the new Ohio Comic Con, then when MOC reemerged under new ownership rumors began running rampant that the two were merging. And while I've yet to personally receive any official confirmation, as I stated, according to MOC's website, I am listed, so they must have merged.

What sucks about that is my cousin's wedding, which was originally scheduled for October 12th, was moved to the 4th, and it's in Illinois, so now I'll miss her wedding (Ohio Comic Con was to be the last weekend of October, while MOC is the 4th through the 5th).

Anyway, if you're in Columbus, Ohio the first weekend of October please come by and check out Wannabez!


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