Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gonzogoose Design Has Launched!!!

Today, my new website,, the new home of Gonzogoose Design, has officially launched!

Gonzogoose Design is the new home for all my lettering and logo design work. I will no longer be using my main site for lettering and logo work as it will serve as a hub for all things Brant W. Fowler.

I have a lot of new stuff up at the new site I didn't have on my main site, so please check it out! I'm really pleased with how this site turned out. I think it really shows another side of me, and it embodies the fabled Gonzogoose!

And the latter is in no small part attributed to Wannabez artist Scott D.M. Simmons who took my rough sketches and created the wonderfully zany and totally accurate GONZOGOOSE!

Eventually I plan on doing a web strip with the titular character, but for now he serves as a mascot for all things lettering and logos by Brant W. Fowler... me!

I felt taking this step was important in both separating my lettering from other things I do, as well as helping to further brand myself in the world of lettering.

That all said, there are still a few things left to be finished, and there are some minor kinks (mostly colors being off here and there), but as I said before, I'm pretty happy with the site and I hope you are too!

In closing, if it's not implied by this whole spiel, Gonzogoose Design is open for business, and I'm available!


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