Friday, May 02, 2008

Flying Away

This is just to let everyone know that May 12th I will be flying down to Atlanta for the week, so I won't be back until that weekend (the 16th/17th). I may not have internet access while I'm gone, so if you can't get a hold of me, that's why.

I will post a reminder next weekend in case anyone forgets, and I'll put vacation responses on my email accounts. I just wanted to give you all fair warning.

I will also be out of touch for the most part next Thursday, May 8th as I have a dentist appointment and will probably be in some pain afterwards. I actually don't anticipate being around much after that either as I'll be preparing for the trip.

And in case anyone was wondering, funds came through for the dentist yesterday, and it was a pleasant experience. I'm a little sore today, but thankful regardless.


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dragonfuze said...

I'm so excited for you drop me a line when you can Mr High Flyer! ;)