Saturday, April 19, 2008

Society's Plague

While this isn't really my style of music, I am very proud of this band. Society Plague is my cousin's band (he sings lead). I've seen this band grow from a couple of aspiring musicians, to a garage band living down the street from me, to a growing success in the making, playing all over the place.

They just added a new song to their MySpace page, and it's pretty good I think. You can tell the improvement in the quality of the music and the vocals even from the other songs on their profile.

And check out these cool t-shirts emblazoned with their logo, which you can purchase from the MySpace page I think, for $10:

They are also in a Battle of the Bands contest and are trying to get added on to the Warped Tour. If you can spare a minute or two each day, you can vote once a day for them. Do that here:

Congrats on all your success, Matt. Keep rockin'!

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