Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pencilneck Optioned for Film

I just finished lettering Pencilneck #4 and will be lettering the second half of #3 this week. Well today news broke that the property has been optioned for film by Benderspink (click the post title to read the article)!

While I only had a small part in this book, it's still pretty cool to see a title I worked on gain potential success and recognition like this.

The book is about a mild mannered bank manager who gets caught up in a mob war and it could make one really good movie.

Congrats to Victor Carungi and crew for this wonderful accomplishment!



dragonfuze said...

Cool news - will you still talk to your anonymous Aussie friend? ;)

Crazz said...

That's pretty sweet news Brant. I sure hope that they use something you write and some royalties come your way!!