Friday, April 25, 2008

In with the Cold

My brother has been home sick for the past three days, and as of mid-day today, the whole house is sick. Ugh.

My throat and nose are killing me, and I've got a fever and I'm really fatigued. My mom's the same way, while all my brother had was upper respiratory stuff, no sore throat. He's feeling a bit better now and will be going to school today, but I feel like crap. lol

My brother and I watched Cloverfield yesterday. That was an interesting movie. I didn't know it was made like that, like the whole thing scene through a video camera and stuff. It was a brave way to handle the film, and while it was gory, I thought it was pretty neat how they made it feel like something that really happened. I couldn't make out what the guy said at the end of the credits, though I'm guessing it was some kind of name like Cloverfield, possibly signaling a sequel. Anyone else know what he said?

Lost also came back last night and some interesting things happened there as well. For those who haven't seen it, I won't spoil it. Just know that Ben still has things he's keeping secret, and he has a lot more knowledge of everything than we even thought!

Supernatural was back as well, but it was an odd episode. Next week's looks better.

And of course, Smallville, which I missed the first 15 minutes of because I fell asleep. So I don't know if they showed Lex at the Fortress, but the previews for next week look very intriguing with Clark wearing... glasses!

Well, I woke up in a hot sweat with my throat on fire, and now I can't get back to sleep. Don't know what I'm going to do (stay up, go back to bed, work, goof off...), but I'm done here.



Ray said...

I watched the latest One Tree Hill this week, man it's a great show.
I caught the Mariah special of Idol and I thought David Cook was awesome.
Get better soon, man.

Brant W. Fowler said...

Yeah, I did catch that online this week (OTH), I just forgot about it. lol. Interesting episode, but not as good as most in my opinion. I still don't buy Lucas and Lindsey though.