Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In and Out

Well, after missing like two weeks of posting, the other day I tried to make up for it with three or four posts in one day, but then I disappear for a few more days.

Sorry, I just haven't really felt like being online more than I have to the past several days. This past weekend I didn't feel well, and plus my sleep schedule is all messed up again. I literally go to bed at a drastically different time every day, and I rarely sleep more than three hours at a time. Ugh.

I honestly haven't gotten a lot of lettering done in the past week, but I plan on making up for that the latter part of this week and the weekend. I have one small 5 page job to get done over the next couple of days, then another after that, and then some stuff for Hard Way Studios.

I'm also working on a website design (why, I don't know. lol), which is starting to come along. I did the forums first, now I've got the home page done, but we're considering trying a different look now, so... It's just a basic site as I know no Flash or anything, and it will be largely forum based, but it's still time consuming.

Haven't watched any movies recently surprisingly enough. I have been keeping up with my reality cooking shows though (Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen), as well as Ultimate Fighter and BSG. And of course wrestling. Aside from those, not much TV either, and no video games. I'm reading a little, but not much. Mainly I just work and sleep, and where the rest of the time goes I have no clue. lol

My secret little project I've hinted at for a while is off and running, I think. I may have scared someone involved with too many details, but we'll see.

Finances are rough at the moment, but I'm surviving as always. That said, I won't beg, but if you got jobs needing to be done that I'm capable of doing...

This year is going by so fast. I can't believe it's almost May already! Before I know it, the convention will be here, and then WW Texas if things work out on that front. This will be a cool year if things pan out.

I mentioned the Wannabez site going live a few days ago, and I believe I also mentioned the store. Yeah, I know, CafePress may not be the best avenue, and it can be pricey, but it's a start. That said, we want to add more stuff (specifically more images to go on the stuff), so let me know what you'd like to see. What characters you'd prefer on the products, what products you'd consider buying, and so forth.

With that, methinks it might be nappy time as I've been up since early last evening. Man, I gotta get back in a rhythm!

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