Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dental Funds Update

Well, out of the five ads I placed, and the four forums I posted in, I've had 116 unique hits or views, plus how many ever saw it on MySpace, ComicSpace, Yuwie and DeviantArt, and I've not had one single inquiry or job offered.

I did manage to make some contacts via email and have come up with a good chunk of it, though, so we'll see if all that pans out.

I have a suspicion the lack of response may be due to my website, which needs an overhaul, or the current samples I have up there, which are 6 months old in some cases, older in others.

The sites the ads are on are high traffic like Jinxworld and the ComicGeekSpeak forums, but nada. I'm going to try to hit some more places today, so wish me luck.


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