Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Comics Now

If you have not checked out this magazine yet you need to soon!

What magazine you say? The title doesn't give it away? Nor the link that is attached to it? The image to the left not ringing any bells either?

If none of these obvious clues register, I am, of course, speaking about Comics Now!, the new comics magazines by Comic Geek Speak and Ape Entertainment. It's actually largely produced by CGS forum members, meaning it's by the fans, for the fans, which, in this case, is a good thing.

For those like me, remember when Wizard was good and full of really cool articles and content far before it strayed onto the much beaten path? That's what Comics Now! offers. It is chock full of interesting and well written content spanning equally from independents to the big two. It also has editorials and short articles as well as the robust feature articles it boasts.

I am also very impressed by the quality of the design of this book. The paper is exquisite, and the layouts, graphics and overall design is as good as anything out there. They chose to use a spine as opposed to the typical stapled magazine format, and it really sets it off. These can fit in your long boxes or on your bookshelf easily.

I was also surprised to see the amount of high quality and big name ads that were throughout the book. There were ads from Top Cow and other larger publishers as well as the little guys like Ape (obviously) and Digital Webbing.

While I haven't read the entire book yet (just received it today), I loved what I did read. There were a few minor typos, and there are a couple of things I'd change in the layout, but overall it was a great first issue.

Though while there was plenty of content as well as a few humorous comic strips, there did seem to be something missing. I can't quite put my finger on it yet. Maybe after I read the whole issue.

I'll come back sometime in the near future with a more complete review, but I have to say if you like comic magazines and miss the "content is king" format of your former favorite, this mag is for you!


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