Thursday, April 24, 2008

American Idol

Forgot to include this one in my last post of shows watched. Yep, reality TV for me. I also forgot Smallville and Supernatural (which returns this week!), but I digress.

Man, tonight's elimination was a shocker! I did not see that one coming. I get it, I just was surprised. Vocally, she's one of the best this season, and I had her (Carly Smithson) in my top three. I thought for sure Brooke White and Jason Castro would be in the bottom three, but I guess their fans, sensing that they had a horrible week this week, voted like crazy and got them saved for another week.

Carly got on my nerves week in, week out though. Not because of her singing, but because of her personality. She was very bland for weeks, and every time she sang there was no connect with the crowd, and she always looked so intense and almost angry when she sang. Then, the past couple of weeks, almost in answer to that concern, she has been overly jovial and giddy. I think she tried way too hard to overcome the first stigma, and I think she was a victim of people voting heavily for other contenders. I'm sure she'll be alright.

I like Brooke White and Jason Castro, but they had bad performances this week. I agree with Paula, I don't think you should ever stop and start again when singing, that's just not professional. And being Broadway week, I can't imagine someone in Rent or whatever stopping and restarting a song during a live show. They wouldn't last long on Broadway if that happened.

I thought Syesha did good this week, but I just don't think she's as good as she thinks she is sadly.

The two Davids are still my picks for the finale, and while it could go either way, I'm giving the nod to Archuletta. Cook will be okay regardless. Brooke will probably be top three now if she can pull out some more good performances. Next week Syesha will go, then Jason.

That's my prediction anyway.

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