Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Progress in Lettering and Logos

Since this whole drama was realized about the gallstones my attempts at keeping to the schedule, as reported previously, kind of went out the window. However, since I've been back from the hospital and getting somewhat back to normal I have put a huge dent in that list. So here's what I've gotten done so far:


Ellium #1 - Complete
Genotype Prime pages 1-3 - Complete
Karma Game #1 Corrections - Waiting for feedback from publisher
Mayden #1 - Half Complete - have had to ask for text reduction in some pages, so it's taking longer
Night of Ninjas Corrections - Complete
Rabverse and Marcus Midnight PDFs - Complete - this included lettering a 6 pager, then resizing, reordering and compiling multiple PDFs and updating credits pages

Still to do:

Alien Passage - 8 pages - Waiting on pages
AOH #3 Pages 8-22
Applicants #2
Merc 43 - Sort of on hold waiting for text revisions
Shelter - 5 pages a week
Twilight #1 - Waiting on script


Got Dealz - Complete
Haven Thumbnail Corrections - Complete
Journeymen - Complete
Night of Ninjas Redesign - Complete
Urban Twist - Complete
Wolalina - Complete

Still to do:

Alien Passage
Golden - in progress


Nocturnal Essence #2 Compilation - Complete

Still to do:

Cadre/Dynagirl Crossover
Nocturnal Essence #6 - second wave
The Veil #2

So I've covered quite a bit of ground all things considered, and will continue to beat it down this week.

I'm also possibly designing a website if terms can be agreed upon, and I've got some writing to do as well.

I've also had a couple more reviews posted over at www.comicrelated.com, which I'll post about later sometime.

I'm also now the PR guy for www.digitalwebbing.com, so look for press releases on their upcoming releases soon.

And I'll have a big hand in the newsletters for Rogue Wolf Entertainment and Haven Distributors in the near future.

So busy as usual, but still loving it all.


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