Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ohio Comic Con Logos

I'm feeling a bit better at the moment and can't sleep, so I thought I'd lighten the mood and make a post not related to my gallbladder or any other bodily issues.

That said, when Scott and I first decided to make the trip to the Ohio Comic Con this October I wasn't crazy with their original logo:

So I went about redesigning the logo in hopes they would choose one of mine instead. Unfortunately, I was then informed that they were having a new logo designed, which turned out to be this:

So still not being pleased, I went ahead with my ideas and emailed them anyway. The first is a remake of their original logo, the next two are spins on the Ohio State logos, the fourth is a more comic-inspired logo, and the rest, admittedly, are spins on the New York Comic Con with a little Bengal love in the first, a star in the last.

Sadly, so far they haven't contacted me back about any of these, so it looks like we'll be stuck with the above. But since that is the case I just thought I'd share these with you. B-Out


dragonfuze said...

I really like the second one; it's clean and unique.

Jenny said...

I'm a fan of the fourth one down. =)