Monday, March 10, 2008

I Know Nothing

Well, I just got home from the Ultrasound and I'm still clueless. The lady had to come back in and do it like three times because the radiologist kept wanting more pictures of my liver. But then they just sent me home.

I had to call back because I wasn't told whether I could eat now or not. And since I've only had Gatorade and a little jello (which I hate!) the past two days, needless to say, I'm famished.

They said the doctor won't see the results for a couple of days, and that I should be okay to eat now. Though I don't have a clue what to eat, and unfortunately for me, all the food we have in the house at the moment is totally fatty. So I don't have many options as I'm afraid to eat anything heavy, or anything I know causes problems for the gallbladder.

The good news is from the liquid diet they had me on I lost 4 pounds in 2 days! Hey, silver lining and all that, right?

Right now I'm feeling ok. Of course, I haven't eaten anything or drank anything aside from water or Gatorade yet either. So we'll see how I'm feeling once I get brave enough to eat something.



Jenny said...

Well, even if you didn't get a concrete answer, at least you're feeling better, which is great news!

dragonfuze said...

Good news. I am praying for you, mate.