Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yep, today is the day! And the picture says it all. 31 Flavors, Baby! Not sure what that means, but since B&R was a big part of my youth, I'm runnin' with it. :)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone.

I won't be eating birthday cake (Chuck), but I will be splurging a little bit (with pain pills nearby just in case). My mom got me this little mini tiramisu (my favorite dessert - if you've never had it, go to a good Italian restaurant and get one today!), with a candle in it, so that's my b-day cake this year.

So tonight I'm gonna eat dinner and watch Evan Almighty, which I've yet to see, and just chillax.

Today, my little brother called me from school and had his whole class sing me happy birthday. That was an unexpected yet welcome and pleasant surprise. He told me not to tell the whole world, but hey, here I am doing just that. Oh well. :)

So today is ok. Hopefully I'll feel the same way tomorrow after whatever I chance eating tonight!



Jenny said...

Woohoo! Happy Birthday to you Brant!

Crazz said...

Since when is Tiramisu not considered cake???? I hope I'm wrong, but those little lady fingers and expresso are probably going to feel like a pinball game inside you!

Either way, have fun!!

Ray said...

Hope it was a good day man.

Brant W. Fowler said...

Well, yeah, technically it's a cake, but it's not a typical birthday cake. ;)

Thankfully, neither the pizza or the tiramisu had any adverse effects on me! Of course I ate them in very small amounts and very slowly. And I enjoyed them! Not something I'll chance every day of course, but it was nice to have a little bit of flavor for a change! :)

Thanks for all the b-day wishes, all. It was a decent day.