Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Brief Health Update

So I'm braving things a little at a time, diet wise. I tried just a little A-1 sauce on my chicken as eating it bland was not doing it for me. I've also tried a cheese sandwich here and there, and even a Boca burger. Some things hurt and I have to not try them again, while other things I find I can get away with in small doses.

I've still not been able to drink a single drink of pop without problems, so for now that's out completely. I'm drinking water, weak white tea and Gatorade and I'm adjusting pretty well. I never drank that much pop anyway, no more than one a day, two maybe if I'm out.

I've been having good days and bad days. The past couple have been bad, today being the worse. I think the pudding pops I dared last night may be the culprit. Either that or the animal crackers (I ran out of graham crackers, which have done me well so far). I also switched out mashed potatoes for yams last night with just a tad bit of butter and brown sugar, so that might be it also. But today I pretty much just laid around for half the day because I was hurting and not up to much of anything else.

I'm still looking into financial assistance and all that jazz. My aunt gave me a flyer about a free clinic, which makes me hesitant, but I'll at least look into it. I still have to consult with a referred surgeon here soon to see exactly when I need to get this thing out and what my options are.

I'm still thankful it's not worse than it is, and I'm getting used to the diet. I mean, since a week ago this past Saturday I've lost 9 pounds and have kept that off. Over the past two years since I've been working from home I had picked up about 30-40 pounds. I had lost about 7 of them through the holidays (go figure), and now another 9, which has motivated me to lose the rest. So I'm not complaining too much. My regular weight from age 18 to 28 was around 185-190, then I gradually went up to 230. Now I'm at 215 (214.5 the other day). I'll be glad if I can reach 200 and keep it off. Then I'll worry about toning and all that, and if I lose a few more after that I won't complain about that either. :)


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