Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Aches & Pains

Well, this week's schedule has been shot all to pieces. I've been pretty inoperable due to a severe toothache I contracted late Sunday, and which has yet to let up. Actually, at the moment it's a little calmer, but the bad thing is every time I try to lay down it goes haywire. I've had about 3 hours of sleep in the past three days! I'm literally swaying from exhaustion as I type this, and my eyes are drooping. But it won't let me lay down! And I can't get into the dentist right now, so I have to suffer. Pain meds don't help either as it's infected and I don't have any antibiotics. So I'm just out of luck.

So anyway, while I have gotten some stuff done, and I'm still doing what I can, I'm not staying on schedule and getting done as much as I normally would sadly. Just so you know.



Jenny said...

If it's infected, I would at least get that treated. If possible, maybe consider going to a clinic and see if they'll prescribe you anything- even some Omaxacillin (sp).

You don't want your face falling off 'cause of a stupid tooth. =)

Ray said...

Mate if you can't get into a dentist can't you go to emergency at your local hospital? Putting up with pain is never good. Then maybe you can sleep a bit.
Hope things pick up man.