Friday, February 15, 2008


Occasionally, I'll Google an old friend from high school, college or former work places to see if I can find out what they're up to. Over the years, I've only found one, maybe two people in this manner, so obviously I'm not trying hard or anything. Just something I do when I get nostalgic, bored or miss people is all.

Well, a few days ago for whatever reason I Googled a good friend from college whom I haven't seen since. I had Googled her before, but never really came up with anything. This time, however, I came up with one possibility in California. Now, she used to live in Cali, and I remember her talking about moving back there after college, so I figured, why not. And luckily there was an email, though it was a work email.

So I took a chance, and very diplomatically asked if it was her, and if not I apologized for bothering her.

The next day she responded with two simple lines:


How on earth did you find me?!"

So, of course, it was her! It was very cool to reconnect with her after all these years. Turns out I caught her on a very busy day as it was her last day before taking off to get married this weekend (that seems to happen a lot - me reconnecting with old friends right before they get married...), so she's going to get back to me after all that.

It's kind of surreal because college seems like a lifetime ago, and I really hadn't seen her my last year at all because our majors were different and I was taking night classes. So it's been about, I'd say 7, maybe 8 years since I've seen her or even talked to her.

So that was pretty cool, and I thought I'd share. I got nothing else today save for a case of insomnia going on three weeks now.


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