Monday, February 04, 2008

The Rain's a Fallin'

Man, it is storming something fierce here today! It's so bad it woke me up, and I typically sleep through stormy weather, even intense weather. But the thunder is booming out there, man, and the rain's coming down fast and hard. So, if you don't hear from me (if you email me or whatever) you know the power or internet has gone out or something.

So far, nothing is even flickering. The internet hasn't stalled or anything, and the power hasn't given in to the storm, but it's still early.

We borrowed Rush Hour 3 from my aunt last night, so I finally got to watch that. I love the Rush Hour movies, and the team of Chan and Tucker are just magic, so I was looking forward to this one. Though, I have to say, some of the jokes were getting old. Still an enjoyable flick, but not as good as the first two, and I hope it's a while before another one is made, or that they at least find a fresh direction for the series. As I said, Tucker and Chan are a great team.

Lost is back on for 8 episodes, and it's off to a great start in my estimation. Smallville and Supernatural are also back on, and both are just ok so far.

I made a dent into lettering this weekend completing two shorts, a logo and half an issue, and some other small stuff, so I felt good about myself. :)

I have the feeling that today is going to be a LONG day. Could be the fact that I only had about 3 hours of sleep, and thanks to the storm waking me up, now I can't get back to sleep. Yep, that could have something to do with it...


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