Thursday, February 21, 2008


Why, oh, why is Kentucky bad for ice storms?! It appears we have another one that's supposed to hit today. This morning there was one city in KY that cancelled school, another that was releasing early. Now, the list has grown quite a bit, and my brother's school now let's out at 11:30am.

We've had two really bad ice storms in the past 15 years, and during both of them there was tons of power outages. We were without power for 3 days in the last one, others were without power for anywhere up to 2 weeks! The last one we had after those was a lot milder, but still caused problems.

I'm hoping this one won't be as serious as all that. I mean so far we haven't even gotten any rain or snow since Tuesday (and only a small flurry then), but it's like 15 degrees out right now and it does look like the sky's ready to unleash something at any given moment.

So, while I don't think it will be that serious, if for whatever reason you don't hear from me, that's why. Otherwise I'll definitely be here. What else am I gonna do, right?


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