Friday, February 22, 2008

Ice and Idol

Well, the ice storm isn't THAT bad yet, but they did cancel school and various activities tomorrow, so the roads must be a bit treacherous. We've still got power, though, so that's a good thing.

As for American Idol, well, I was really close! Of the guys, Garrett went home, as I thought he would. But I was surprised that Luke didn't. However, when Chikezie and Colton were called up there, I thought for sure it would be Chikezie, but I was wrong. So Colton and Garrett were eliminated.

Now, Colton's performance wasn't great, but I personally thought it was better than the ones by Luke, Chikezie and Jason. Maybe his personality got him voted off? I mean he is kind of bland and vanilla, so who knows?

As for the girls, I was almost right on the money. I picked three bottom girls and named two of them to go home. Well, two of those three did go home, but I got Joanne and Kristy switched in my prediction.

The competition is still fairly where I thought it would be, and so far, America isn't voting too badly. Hopefully that continues.


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